Lessons & Training

Piano Lessons

Intermediate and advanced pre-college students, as well as adults of any level, may register for virtual lessons.  We will focus on learning to read music and rhythm, developing proper technique, understanding pieces in their broader historical context, and mastering theory, ear training, and sight-reading.  Lessons are classically oriented, and I use a wide variety of methods.

Students receive three 60-minute lessons per month and tuition is $200/month, due on the 1st.

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Artist Coaching

Artist coaching takes many forms, and can touch all areas of your life.  I truly believe you are your own best coach -- I just help with direction.  We can explore:  

• Starting new projects and finishing old ones

• Pursuing/monetizing a passion you've held for many years

• Finding ways to nurture your art when you're a busy parent

• Alleviating performance anxiety and/or burnout

• Building habits and systems while setting attainable goals

• Identifying root causes of "writer's block" and procrastination

• Setting boundaries and creating your workspace

I draw upon decades of research and writing from Julia Cameron, Julie Jaffee Nagel, Eric Maisel, W. Timothy Gallwey, and others.

Artists of all disciplines are welcome to reach out!

Sessions are $100 per hour.

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Pedagogy Training

Do you want to define your goals as a musician and instructor?  Start a music studio but don’t know where to begin?  Brainstorm new ideas for your current students?  Make more money more consistently?  Implement better studio policies?

For over twenty years, I’ve managed successful piano studios in New York City and Tampa and would love to help you do the same.  Private music teachers have many of the same concerns regarding policy, tuition, curriculum, recitals, the ever-dreaded make-up lessons, and navigating my favorite question, “Does my child need a piano?” 

Teachers of any instrument are welcome to reach out!

Sessions are $100 per hour.