Sara Graf Piano


I am a pianist, educator, and coach in Tampa, Florida. Originally from New York City, I have been teaching and coaching for over 20 years.

Piano Lessons will focus on your personal musical goals, which can range anywhere from taking lessons for your own enjoyment to exploring pre-professional and professional options. I have thousands of hours of expertise in beginning to advanced piano repertoire, the harrowing process of college and graduate school auditions, and recreational lessons for adults.

Creativity Coaching will explore the call you feel toward the creative life. We will work together to help you manage performance anxiety, build confidence, and develop systems to further your dreams.

Pedagogy Coaching will focus on designing a successful music studio, whether you are a new or seasoned teacher.

Take a look around, and let me know if you'd like to work together on your musical, artistic, and/or personal development goals. Please send me a message at or find me on Instagram at @saragrafpiano.

All the best,