Sara Graf Piano



If you've dreamed of starting -- or restarting! -- piano lessons, you've come to the right place.  I teach advanced teenagers and adults of all levels, and have a special place in my heart for retirees ready to start a new creative chapter in their lives. 

I offer in-person piano and theory lessons in the Tampa Bay Area.  If you're not in Florida, we can meet virtually and work together from wherever you are in the world!

Piano lessons focus on your personal musical goals, which can range anywhere from taking lessons for your own enjoyment to exploring pre-professional and professional options.  I have thousands of hours of expertise in beginning to advanced piano repertoire, the harrowing process of college auditions, music theory, and recreational lessons for adults.  If you have a specific piece you've waited your whole life to learn, let me know, and we can work toward that!

I also offer individual coaching sessions for artists and teachers on a wide variety of topics, including audition preparation, building a private music studio, alleviating performance anxiety and burnout, establishing a routine, getting your workspace in order, or simply examining the pull you feel toward a more creative life.

I believe everyone should experience the joy of music!  Take a look around; I'd love to work with you on your musical, artistic, and/or personal development goals.  Please send me a message at or find me on Instagram at @saragrafpiano.

All the best,